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I had no idea others had had the same reaction to stones, which only goes to show that we can all learn and share and grow by doing so. (tap links)  




When ambling along pebbly beaches with your children, let your eye drift over the myriad shapes at your feet. From time to time, you will discover rocks with faces . Some smile, others frown, some are aghast, others are concerned. There are animals, phantoms, even ET and other aliens. 


They fell from the sky one cold moonlit night and froze upon the beaches, where, for ten thousand years they have waited for you and your wondrous imagination to free them. Together, you can generate ten thousand and twenty-one different adventures .


Each StoryStone is a friend to be relished. Have fun as your child's mind is brought alive, for there is nothing quite like the combination of rocks, beaches, bedtimes and the imagination.


Humanity has always told stories, they inform us, they prepare us, but most of all, they expand us, enhance us, refine us, truly educate us. Unfurled, grasping our StoryStones, we left our caves and developed technologies which increased our ability to survive... and make life-long friends with StoryStones! If in doubt, ask a child.

                          Or a stone professor.

                                                         Or email me. 

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