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This daily exercise is best practised in a quiet place.

In three weeks, when you are adept, ’Settling’ can be done anywhere, (even secretly at work).


Stand tall (or sit if you can't) 

Admire your body as a sculpture. 

Regardless of your view of it, no work of art is as magnificent.

You are driving the universe's coolest bit of kit.


Raise arms high and wide (behind your head at work) take a deep belly-breath. 


Slowly Exhale as arms drop.


                                                                 Repeat 6 times


End tall & immerse yourself in a joyous memory, 

(a sunny picnic; a wedding day; a holiday; reaching a mountain top).


and chuckle, knowing this positive, strong person is you.

Aren’t you great!

Say, “I’m fine!”


Attention is key.

Fix this new mindset by briefly focusing, be it in the shower or on the bus. At work ‘Settling’ briefly can help you meet a hectic deadline. When walking home, hesitate and be safe in this new natural space.  Like any activity, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Repeated actions become effortless habits, but stop them for four days and they are difficult to restart because the broken short-cut chain needs recreating. 


It only takes three months to engrain a new attitude.

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