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                                 Genuine REVIEWS of CAMINO VOICES                                       

Camino Voices has 4 academic accolades:

It was presented at The International Pilgrimage Conference in London.

An academic paper on pilgrimage used the book as it's logic and central reference point. 

The pictures and book are featured in another academic publication.  

A two page review was written in the Confraternity of St James' London magazine.

Here are a few of the many reader reviews:-


“The skilful sketches and short pilgrim reveries that make up ‘Camino Voices’ are a delight in their entirety.” John Brierley (author of Camino guidebooks)


“It is the perfect little book on the subject. Such a fine balance between over 200 walkers’ thoughts, the author’s crisp observations and his lifting illustrations.” Patrick Early (translator of Machado’s poems - Spain’s favourite poet)


“Started reading and feels like I can’t stop, I love it!” Dick Le Mair: (composer ’Impressions of a Pilgrimage’)

More comments (anonymous to protect individuals) It has surprised me how much people love this book - they keep writing and saying so! Here are just a few :-

“OK, there’s tons of Camino books, but this one is timeless. You will read it again and again.”


“Very smart. I like it.”


“I shall treasure this book forever. It is more than I have expected. I highly recommend this remarkable masterpiece to anyone.”


“What wonderful memories it will illicit in the people who have done, and will do, the walk.”


“This is more of an experience than a book. In fact I was so touched, when finished, I started again.”


"It's a book I want in my home library. something to forever transport me back along that amazing walk!"


"It helped me before the Camino, it helped me as I walked, it helped me when I returned."


“Deceptively simple, but very powerful. Had me gripped. I’m hooked. Will read it and read it for decades.”


“I’ve been enjoying dipping into people’s comments.  I love the drawings.”


“Authoritative, cute illustrations and well written up.” 


"It is a classic, but fresh, yet deep."

"Just want to dip in all the time so it's always in the sitting room. The kids love it too."

“Iain Dryden has captured the essence of the Camino experience in his quotes, his recollections and his drawings.” 

“Camino Voices- what a journey. Even if you didn’t do the walk, the commentary, drawings and captions will make you feel like you did it.” 

“It will be a success, as it is truly fantastic piece of art.”


“Wow! Glad I found this.”


“I truly love the book.”


“It looks really good.  I've been enjoying dipping into it and reading peoples comments.  I love the drawings.”


“A very decent looking thing as far as the paper object goes - but the text and drawings an absolute triumph.  What an empathetic, artful, and finally touching work. I am full of admiration.”


“Oh how many feelings and experiences and memories got woken up right now....Thank you!!!!”


“It's quite fresh and it will spread the word itself.”

“Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.”


“It is a modest and yet big-hearted book that punches way above its weight and I intend to buy a few as presents for friends who are artists, walkers, philosophers and dreamers.”

“It is one of those books that is so attractive and so undemanding, that you can't help picking it up and dipping into it, and yet within seconds you are touched by the integrity of the illustrations and the authenticity of the observations, and within minutes you are drawn far away and uplifted.”


“It makes one dream, wonder, look at things from a different perspective. It's an art, philosophical, self discovery book ... more. I know there are a lot of books written about The Camino, but this one is like no other - unique in it's approach and expression.” 

“I would highly recommend you to buy it not only for yourself but as a gift to those who took this journey. It will take them back to the dirt road with it's comic experiences, the challanges that one has to overcome to complete the distance and it's magic that everyone who did it will remember with happy tears in their eyes.I did.I cried when I read it.” 


“The book!!!!The book!!!The masterpiece!!! Im still with my shoes on, but had to open the envelope and smell the book and flip through the pages...It is wonderful!!!!  I haven't even properly started and it made me cry already!!!!What a treat.Thank you. it is just an amazing piece of art…..”


“It takes me back to pleasant days on the Camino! It’s a lovely collection of sketches and reflections, the sort of book to pick up and browse from time to time in a meditative sort of way. It does capture the spirit of the experience.”


“What Iain Dryden has managed to do requires a balancing of two great skills - the arts of observation and engagement. Not only is he a gifted artist reproducing whole landscapes with the minimum of deft touches but he is a generous listener, managing to draw out of the Camino walkers such wit and wile and wisdom that you feel like you are eavesdropping.”


“This book is entrancing - literally! If you allow it to, it takes you into the trance-like state that a good, long, challenging walk will do, and it does it with such gentle grace and such light-hearted ingenuity, that you don't even notice the trance 'til you step outside it and miss it.” 


“I'm still walking the Camino and was fortunate enough to have purchased Camino Voices." 


"Camino Voices". It's a truly enjoyable book. The drawings make the pilgrim's comments standout. This book captures many of the life transforming aspects that pull thousands of pilgrims to El Camino de Santiago each year. If you're thinking about walking the Camino this is a good book to add to your collection. If you have already been lucky enough to have walked The Way of St. James, then this book could usher long forgotten memories of El Camino---a veritable treasure

... gosh... I'm overwhelmed, so I think that's enough! 

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