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We're the solution

The sun was shining for the first time since September. I exaggerate. It has shone a few times during the past five months, but only in bursts, an hour here, maybe two there, a gloriously balmy afternoon in October, a sunny but nippy Christmas morning. But this was a proper day full of that lovely stuff we all enjoy. OK, the wind was chilly but out of it life was simply glorious.

And we were in one of the most celebrated places to enjoy this stunning present from the skies. On such days Stourhead’s world famous gardens are crowded with tourists from Tokyo to Toronto, Turin to Tunbridge Wells, but we were almost alone as we strolled around the lake, through the woodlands, relishing the beautiful plants, flowers just peeping from their buds and the silence.

This was yesterday. Stourhead is one of Britain’s most inspiring National Trust properties and our walk was enhanced by little signs prompting us to stop and listen, to think about the immediate environment or to look up at the clouds. This was encouraging, for I was there to show The Trust my latest book, ‘Joyful Walking’. The person who selects items to present the the national committee instantly liked the book, a reaction it has triggered in everyone who has thus far seen it. As this experienced buyer explored it’s contents, they said Joyful Walking fitted what they were attempting to do - alert the tens of thousands of visitors to the incredible experience of being alive.

I chuckled and said, “Yes, we are the problem. Climate Change arises from our desire to consume more than we require. The big companies have enticed us to buy, buy, buy and we do because we are unsettled, insecure, we seek comfort outside. To make any real change to Global Warming we must shift our behaviour and realise that the comfort we seek through retail therapy is inside us. If we were at peace in our own skins, we’d live more lightly.

Unlike the wet, dark weather Climate Change has brought to Britain this winter, our future can be bright, sunny even. If we try hard we can solve many of the gigantic problems we face as a species, as a planet. We humans are amazing, we each have our way, our solutions.

This is the second in a series of books I have been researching and writing, they are the culmination of years and years of wanting to do something worthwhile. My next book will complete the trilogy and I was inspired that it exactly fits the inspired ‘Well-Being’ work being done at Stourhead. Yes, we need to cut back, to consume less, to buy locally, but we each have ways to inspire each other to save this wonderful, abundantly exciting Planet.

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