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The day when chocolate will melt.

“God, I hate this lockdown world!”

“Yea, I want to go to the pub, to meet friends.” “I want to fly away for winter-sun.”

When you have a comfortable life, which, in comparison to most of the world today, virtually everyone in ‘The West’ can claim to enjoy, you can go soft. You moan about the slightest loss of luxury - that the supermarket has run out of chocolate, that you can’t do as you want. What hope then for the Great Public being able to alter the way they live in order to save the Planet?

“Christmas won’t be Christmas this year, we’ve got to find a way round the government’s confusing corona-restrictions.”

I say that it’s only one year in many, being cautious may save us or somebody in our family.

“Yea, but at what cost?”

We may not think, but we are lucky. There’s loads of places where war, natural disaster or political corruption makes daily life extremely tough. Places where bread and running water, let alone chocolate, isn’t available.

Consumerism, which encourages and feeds on greed, has made us think of ourselves, be more individualistic than at any time history. We live better than kings of old, yet aren’t at ease. Social media has deepened this egotistical trend. It also encourages us to lock-in to the thought patterns of those who think like us. Such groups feed on emotive energy, facts are found to suit the agenda, this leads to misinformation.

There’s a consequent suspicion of traditional media sources, of the law and governing bodies. This is understandable, - for their own gain these bodies lead us along the routes they create. Although Trump has encouraged and exacerbated suspicion, reliable sources arising from an objective stance based on a broader vision and carefully collected facts do exist.

“But it is all so confusing!”

Suffer the slight discomfort of having to interact and adapt to different ways of thinking and living, don’t go with the flow of the group. The world will then become less divisive, we will regain the urge to feel for others and to act for the greater good.

“What to believe?”

Trump and his ilk may deny Climate Change, but there’s no doubt that climate patterns have altered. Years ago when researching my series of geography books, people in Europe, Africa and Asia told me, “Our weather is changing.”

There are people working to help us and the Planet, but we also need to do something ourselves and time is running out. Coronavirus has understandably occupied our minds, but hopefully it will be under control within a year or two. However, each year global warming mounts and each year we delay reacting, we further destroy our future. We moan now, but imagine a world in which chocolate will always melt.

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