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liars, all of them....

This blog is short because I’ve a very busy week.

You really can’t trust politicians.

“This morning as we stood here,” the man pointed at the map, “you told me nothing was going to be built beyond this point.”

“Oh, I was completely unaware of this part of the plan.”

But this man was on the team who designed the plan. He’d been caught out for fibbing. Twice, for when I proposed a tricky question a few days previously, he’d been totally aware of the plan’s destructive extent.

Our local council say they are proud to represent us. The trouble is that the above exchange shows that they’re pushing forward the local land owner’s wish to build 260 odd houses in a charmed little valley which has been designated an area of beauty to be retained for us who live here.

And to go global, take Biden’s promises on Climate Change at the G7. His words must be underwritten by the fact that to stay in power, he has to please oil rich Texans.

Then there’s our British government’s wish that we buy only electric cars by 2030…. Making electric vehicles costs between 20-70% more in CO2 emissions than a petrol car, due to the complex process of making the light weight metals and materials used. And making just the battery for an electric car consumes 70% more energy than producing an entire petrol car, seats, windows, tyres, the chassis and the rest. Did you know that making a normal battery consumes 50x the energy it will produce? OK, electric cars recharge many times, but over it’s lifetime an electric car consumes only 60% less CO2 than a petrol one, OK a gain, but not enormous… We’ve said nothing of the very costly (in CO2) mining of rare metals and the polluting factors when batteries are made and when they are finally recycled…. Recycling an electric lithium battery isn’t easy, so they’ll mostly be dumped, whereas 99% of conventional car batteries are recycled to be reused.

Well there we are, they’re pulling the wool over our eyes. Sorry, a bit quick, a bit rough, but it’s all I’ve time for so farewell for now.








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