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Kali Yug

Depressed? Damned?

We are lemmings, but worse.

Four thousand years ago, Hindu sages warned of Kali Yug, an age when materialism will over ride every other value. Perhaps they were right, for last week must go down as the saddest week in human history.

The age of Kali Yug is here, now. All the hope the world put into COP26 has been evaporated by hot air loaded with CO2 emissions which will continue for decades. Those whom we chose to lead us have shown that they are lead by industry which is lead by profit which is leading us towards disaster.

I’m not joking. This point has been made over and again on all platforms by a long line of intelligent, eloquent and knowledgable people from all over the world. Kali Yug, those ancient sages said, will be a time when we as a collective decided that continuing to drive over the cliff is better than swerving from it. Throttle down, wheels screeching, we blast this exquisite Planet with toxic human junk because we don’t want to stop living the High Life, even if it is killing us and everything else. Even if it will leave our grandchildren with an impossible mess to try to exist within.

Too depressed to continue, I need to sip coconut milk trucked over here from distant lands and to keep munching delicacies flown in from the far side of the globe, with my gas central heating on full pelt so that I can relax in my shorts and dream of taking a long haul flight to a luxury tropical resort. Ho, and buy a new big fat 4x4 car to go shopping in. That’s the message those guys in Glasgow have sent the world, “Carry on as normal, we are going to, so why not you.”

On the radio the other day, I heard an erudite politician grandly state, “Climate is always changing. We should be in an Ice Age and anyway, in a few million years this Planet will be too close to the expanding sun to inhabit, so it is all flux and hence space exploration today is vital.” That, it must be said, is applying one’s fine intelligence to the current problem. That, those ancient sages outlined, is classic Kali Yug thinking.

Here we are in England on the 8th of November and the trees are still laden with green leaves. Even the flowering plants in our garden. When, in 1999, I researched and wrote an environmental pack on a valley in The Pyrenees, the trees began turning at the start of October. That those mountains are as far south of me as the north of Scotland is from this market town in Somerset, is warning enough.

If that’s nothing, what is. Go on, buy that shiny new 4x4 and load it up with stuff imported from around the world, be hedonistic, dig your head in the sand and live the life of luxury, for this is your last chance. Kali Yug is getting into gear and soon we will Burn, Burn, Burn, for we have decided to take the path those sages warned against. Go on, create Hell. It’ll be fun. That’s all that matters.






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