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Dream on?

I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, though I have no enemy, not even Trump nor David Icke. My heart goes out to poor Boris who ought not to have worked so hard when ill. But then he felt the responsibility upon his shoulders having missed the potency of the corona thing because he was keeping his eye on Brexit. Poor man.

And cynics say it’s just the flu! The flu doesn’t kill healthy medics….

Conspiracy theories abound. That mad Icke guy believes the 5G network created coronavirus. Perhaps Icke influenced the barber cutting my hair the day before shutdown, with each snip of the scissors I was told the Chinese released this bug to bring the world economy to its knees. I’ve heard this said of the Russians, who, incidentally, have vastly increased military surveillance in The English Channel these past two weeks. Another wild idea is that Nature organised this pandemic. Imagine all those chimps suffering in our laboratories sneaking out in the middle of the night and brewing up a nasty virus….

Yesterday, when police asked us if our journey was essential, I was reminded of another conspiracy theory - that right wingers set this up at the G4 Summit in Davos earlier this year. Complete bonkers….. But seeing those cops wearing flack jackets, stun guns, pepper strayers, mini cameras and pistols here in the UK was a shock. Did they think we were carrying bags of coronavirus to sell to gangsters up the line? But they were polite, discursive, not blunt, dictatorial, as are the various branches of France’s paramilitary cops.

Nature has certainly revived a bit with less cars, less pollution, things look quite good out there, but all will inevitably revert to how it was a month ago once we are released and fling ourselves about. That’s the tragedy. What will we have learnt from all this? That a deadly virus needs controlling so we can regain our position as top dogs, that we need to be more careful so we can continue as before, that we are the gods we want to be because we’ve conquered yet another aspect of nature?

How sad it that. Let’s hope we are better, that we can learn to live more in harmony with the world about us, that we can learn to be content to be ourselves. That the little things give the greatest long term satisfaction. That life without all the clutter and stress we’ve invented is best for us.

I hope you don’t say, “Dream on.”

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