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Dear President Biden

Dear President Biden,

Whilst we know you do not intend to obliterate the world, your condemnation of Putin has provoked a powerful yet unbalanced Head of State, making that a possibility. Whilst we know he is culpable, this is not the right time to slap his face with a bloody rag. It is a time for diplomacy.

Regardless of the anger we all feel over the aggression wreaked upon Ukraine these past six weeks, do remind yourself that the USA carpet bombed Vietnam, of your country’s bloody destruction of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Hiroshima... Nagasaki. Britain is not untainted either. We, like all powerful nations, do much damage across the globe. I knew an ex-Special Forces officer who over a period of a month was dropped alone at night into rival tribal areas in an independent African country that we wished to control. He was instructed to use an automatic rifle to create havoc in both areas, randomly shooting in to huts where families slept. Britain's strategy worked, we stirred up a civil war. Riven with guilt, he killed himself after telling me, "I have no idea how many innocent people I have killed for our government."

I shivered uncontrollably when you first called Putin a war criminal. Now, as you repeat this most damning of condemnations, a mindset of fear flits at the edge of my usually stable mind. To condemn a psychopath is to rile him, an aroused villain stuck in a corner gets vicious. President Biden, you seem to have forgotten that. Please remember that Putin has already threatened us with nuclear response. Putin, as we all know, is capable of pressing the button - several times he has said, “What use the World without Russia?”

Cornered, finger at the ready, the man could now be filled with a desire to obliterate you, President Biden. Your systems would automatically respond. This would mean the end of the World. Forgive my asking, President Biden, but how come you can’t see this? How come nobody is discussing this?

Yes, war crimes have been committed, but this is no time to blame the instigator of this dreadful war. It is his military who should presently be blamed. Blaming Putin involves each one of us in a process which could easily lead to the total destruction of all we know. Delicacy is required at this moment. Diplomacy, alongside carefully assisting Ukraine to liberate itself, is the way.

Please, President Biden, remember that this is a most fragile moment.

Yours with deeply sincere concern,

Every human being alive, every animal living, every species on Earth, and Earth herself.

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