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Deadly or what!

Working on his day off, his voice hinted at exhaustion. Staff in the department had been pulled over to covid wards with four times as many sufferers compared to the first wave. Furthermore, covid sickness had exacerbated staff shortages* and the of those left standing . My heart went out to this doctor struggling under the consultant I spoke to yesterday. He laughed, said thank you, he needed the luck I offered, “But so do you, you’re vulnerable.”

His ability to be empathetic matched his quick intelligence and instant grasp of my own situation and he said it’s vital I start a new procedure quickly before my condition gets worse. He booked me in four days hence….

I later said to my wife, “Vulnerable? Me? Look what I’ve survived these years!”

“Doctors and consultants say that’s only because you were once so extraordinarily strong.”

“That still gives my body an advantage.”

“Not any more. You only just get through each day. Hit by the covid thing, you’ll crumble. It’s nasty, devastating. It’s even taking athletic people. Dr Carlson said years ago - ‘You’ve been broken by too many accidents’. Since then, how many times you’ve been hospitalised!”

“I know, I was being bolshy.” OK, each new doctor blinks at my medical record. And these past months have been tough. “But I’ve survived, broken, yes, but still positive.”

“Attitude isn’t enough. This bug takes the strong.”

“I’ve had my good years!”

She smiled sweetly, “They’re gone forever.”

“How lucky I was, few have had such a body to test-drive!” I laughed. “I constantly think of those who’ve suffered since childhood, who’ve never known good health, let alone fitness.”

“I just wish everyone would get vaccinated. Until they are, this thing will remain with us.” My wife looked sad. When we first met all those years ago, she organised and undertook a mass inoculation programme in a place where reaching the age of 40 was considered old.

“Let’s hope the vaccine comes to our region soon.”

“Yup. There’s a shortage so they’re using it where the risk is higher - London, etc. Covid2021 is deadly. We must all be incredibly careful.”

*today 50,000 Health staff are off ill....

Good luck readers.... xox

(poorly photoed detail from one of my latest paintings - 'Happiness Series.'

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