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being accountable

The response was negative last time I posted this subject strongly, however, with the top guys stating that we are ignoring the dire facts, I don’t care. Not that our politicians care either. Reacting to yesterday’s election results in England, our government is more concerned with being voted back in than anything else.

One of the problems with our current interpretation of democracy it is that it is short sighted - 4 years at best because the 5th year in power is all about re-election. Which ties in with another major issue - those we elect are not made responsible for what comes out of their mouths. They lie, we believe them, they gain power and ignore what they’ve promised. Four years later, though disappointed, we believe them once again. Making them accountable would stop this idiotic cycle. Imagine Truss having to repay that £60 BILLION she lost and which economists around the world call the ‘moron factor’; and Boris having to pay for his BREXIT lies.


Prison is what my wife faces should she destroy her work-diaries before 25 years are up.

Prison ought to hang over every elected politician’s head, for my wife’s job, though vital for her individual patients, pales into insignificance against our politicians’ present intentions of turning back on ‘green’ promises so that they can get an advantage over their opponents.

Surely our priority is saving this fragile planet from the disasters of Climate Change, which we are only just starting to observe? When the world’s top climate experts state we are now in uncharted territory, surely we should jump up and start working rapidly on solutions to the enormous problems we have created through chasing our desires (with their excessive demands on ecosystems and the CO2 balance)?

It’s a touchy one. We are each part of the Gordian knot which world economics have tied around our lives. People justify flying abroad for holidays, countless people justify living consumptive lives royalty would once have envied.

But we each have choice. We are each responsible for Climate Change, collectively our individual actions fuel this destructive system. Me. You, all of us. When we buy or do something, being aware of the CO2 cost can make a change if we all do it. Did those strawberries come from afar or locally? Is a walk to the shop better than that short trip in the car? Countless small actions such as taking the plastic wrappers back to the supermarket are powerful statements, (but better if you can buy where they don’t pre-wrap…).

Regardless that the worst predicted Climate Change scenarios have now become realities far ahead of the expected time scales, our government and their opponents are listening to the anti-green vote. That’s because they are hooked on power, not on changing a broken system.

In the face of such stupid short-termism, it is up to each of us to ensure those in power think of the world, not of their own muddy selfish little puddles. We can help by joining social media campaigns, or if we have time, starting our own or writing to our local politicians and governments who represent us and making them aware that, in reality, it is we who should make decisions. But we must first be accountable for, as the song goes, "Every move you make (because the Planet) is watching you."

We want comfort, we want happiness. The only such future relies on a rapid response to the greatest problem humanity has ever faced. You think I’m exaggerating? Consider these words said to me in 1995: “Global Warming is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.” They were uttered by a truly extraordinary woman who is still a dear friend, and who was at that time the World Chair of GreenPeace.

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