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a 25th to die for

25th Dec

Imagine this on Christmas Day. You have invited friends to eat lunch today and last night, their mother arrived on their doorstep, intending to stay for a couple of days. Do you mind her coming? You are quite happy and simply increase quantities a tiny bit. Whilst they are driving towards you, mum asleep in the back seat, they tell you they have a quantity of magic mushrooms to share, so who knows, they might have to stay the night. You don’t agree with drugs but it is too late and you really like this couple, so you acquiesce. Ten minutes later the phone goes once again. It is your new step-father who warns you that the woman on her way to you is his ex and she hates him and anyone who has anything to do with him.

Help. Help. Help.

Makes other family Christmases seem quite peaceful.

Merry Mid Winter to you all.

(and this is a true take taking place today, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall? Do wish them good luck....)

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