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Confused? Join the club.

We’ve had quite a wake-up call this week and it came out of the Brexit blues here beside a Mediterranean beach. They are laughing at us Brexit crazy Brits here in Europe, but after the chuckles die down they declare a life-time of admiration for our democratic system, though they now think we have gone mad, the rise of BoJo and his floppy Trump-hair being undoubtable proof.

However, Boris the clown has been shown to be as empty headed as Trump. But wait a a second, people believe in BoJo and Trump. Back in Blighty we know a woman who thinks the sun shine from Boris’...., um, the thought is not worth bearing. At the other end of his body, his hot air and head are volcanic, which might explain everything going on inside it.

They show concern for us, for themselves, for the concept of Europe. Europe is a wonderful club. United the people stand, as they do upon the beach below the balcony I now write from. I can hear German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and of course British voices amongst the local French vernacular.

Almost everyone I’ve talked to sympathises with the unease the British feel towards the European Government’s drive towards federalism. Inevitably, people want to know what we think and we tell them we are as muddled as anyone, for the question is too complex to work out, however, solidarity is good, but a total merging isn’t.

A humble man, the gentle sort you wouldn’t assume to be high in finance, dropped a bombshell. “There is a European Law virtually nobody knows about, but which I happened to discover by accident during a meting of financiers in Strasbourg. If a country falls into trouble, as did Greece, Europe has the right to take money from the private bank accounts of every citizen, leaving them each only 80,000€.”

That law enforced in Greece destroyed many Greek families through no fault of their own when their corrupt government screwed up. It’s a shocking draconian law. And it is hidden from the people. This is the trouble with European governance, unelected committees decide, with no regulation from us the public, laws which deeply affect our lives.

It was a wake-up call. I am fully for Europe - the inter-relationship of our economies, the cooperation of our systems, the cultural exchanges, the movement of our peoples, but not such secret dictatorial control. And the EU government is slowly but surely imposing its laws on the 27 member countries, aiming to make us one. Diversity, yes, arms linked, yes, but not this.

A balance needs to be found, for many of the laws are brilliant - think of health & safety, employment or the environment. Should Britain leave the EU, we’ll have no influence on this process. We personally know several incredibly powerful Europeans who each state Britain’s influence is essential to shift Federal Europe back towards a Cooperative Europe.

On a personal note, that law makes my wife and I feel vulnerable. We have just sold our home, having spent the past thirty years slowly doing up houses and selling them for a very small gain, until at last we repaid the 100% bank mortgage we started off with. It has been hard, but we’ve finally got there. If Europe took most of our money, leaving us only 80,000€, we’d not be able to afford anything anywhere decent in western Europe, let alone more expensive Britain.

Imagine, lots of Greek families faced this dire reality through no fault of their own. No such law exists in Germany, France or Britain, and possible other European countries because it is unfair, undemocratic,, so why does Europe have this secret butcher’s knife?

Do you see our confusion? No wonder Boris is confused, as is everyone I know, even these powerful friends. But Boris lied to the country three years ago and is he doing so now? We must have BoJexit, find somebody to take us from this madness he lead us towards.

#Brexit #BoJo #Trump #Europe #Greece #Grexit

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