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Global Glue

What great tactics, making people smile as they protest and cause havoc across London. Yet how silly of them to chose this week when Parliament is on holiday, for our useless politicians are their target. They are active in countries around the world and skirted this village four weeks ago and I wrote about denial amongst our tiny population.

And when you hear those people unconvinced by this vital action, ordinary folk on their way to work, policeman who’d rather be catching criminals, you realise denial is evident everywhere. We humans are capable of splitting our minds into various camps, amongst these, a tiny bit that is afraid to admit what’s happening and a larger part that ignores the truth.

We, blind to fact and scientific reason, walk past decent people who have glued themselves to infrastructure in protest about a legitimate issue which affects us all. Ignoring the rampaging elephant of Global Warming, we continue as normal, knowing that our current actions will ruin the lives of our grandchildren. Knowing that we are sending humanity towards the greatest danger it has ever faced, knowing we are destroying ecosystems and the entire Planet, we turn a blind eye.

Unwilling to do without the luxuries we have come to see as normal, we plod on blindly, hoping technology will find a solution. But technology alone is not enough, we need to change our attitudes. Take Spain as an example. Due to geographical factors which scoot clouds away from much of her landscape, she abounds in sunshine and could energise much of Europe with solar power. Economic and political entrenchment prevents her from investing in such a sensible solution.

It is not entirely our fault. Cleverer people than us have hoodwinked us into believing in an ideology that economic growth is sanity. Sanity, in reality, is that growth equals destruction. Better to have a circular economy, one which is sustainable, one which is diminished and uses local resources.

But dream on. Walk past those activists glued to the pavements and roads, trains and buildings. Walk on to the cliff edge dear lemmings. It’s what we do best. Or gain hope by streaming or downloading David Attenborough's excellent, but stark BBC programme.

The essential is to cut your Carbon Footprint, yes that word we 'wacky environmentalists' used back in the 1980s. The best way to do so is to buy only things which will last years and years (I'm still wearing clothes from 1980s, our van and our fridge are 30 years old); to buy locally produced items with low CO2 history; cut down on meat (cows burp and fart methane, which is 30x worse than CO2); to travel by public transport; to heat your home less and with renewables (our electricity company only uses renewable sources, OK, a little more expensive, but better for the Planet).

Go on! Today we live like royalty, we don't need to, we oughtn't to to save the Planet.

#Extinctionrebelion #globalwarming #londonprotests #BBCClimateChange #ClimateChangeTheFacts #DavidAttenborough #extinctionrebellion

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