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“Throw the lot of them into the sea!” “Stuff ‘em on a cold island to fend for themselves.”

“They cost us a fortune but what do they do for us?”

You might wonder who these people from various walks of life are talking about. I too feel the same, but would add that they should be encouraged to live sustainably on that weather beaten island with livestock, plants and no outside help. So who are we talking about? Well, here’s a clue. Whilst walking through our local town yesterday, a man asked me to mark a board indicating which of the five statements was closest to my opinion on a specific topic. My mark ignited an argument with the man, who’d hoped I’d agree with his desired statement, for he and his workforce depended on it becoming the national outcome.

And here’s another clue. On BBC Radio4 today, one of this lot kept evading the question, returning to a position refuted three times by Parliament. Yes, you’re right. Few trust our politicians. This bloated rabble vote themselves healthy rises in salary each year yet deny nurses and other low paid workers anything. And now, filled with self importance, they can’t think their way out of the Brexit mess.

They ought to be thinking of the common good, not their own political careers. Euopean cooperation is a great thing, trade has glued us, however, power hungry European politicians are pushing us towards federalism, which is a step too far (for me). Yet, in a world facing dreadful problems, from the countless environment issues to Global Warming, we need powerful bodies such as the European Parliament which has a great track record in shifting world opinion.

I just wish arrogant people didn’t run it. Staying in Europe, we’d be more able to stop ruining The Planet than being outside. Although I dislike the bureaucracy, a compromise is required to avert chaos, for our Planet really needs Europe.

#Brexit #Europe #ClimateChange

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