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Polar Vortex?

You’ll think it’s another spoof if I were to state this photo could be yet more proof of Global Warming. Donald Trump would; in a recent tweet about the Polar Vortex,

he was actually quite funny for once, ‘…coldest ever recorded…. What the hell’s going on with Global Warming? Please come back, we need you!’ Not bad for somebody of his calibre, though he’s only repeating what he said last winter.

There’s an extraordinary shot from Chicago of pasta taken outside and lifted with a fork, whereupon it instantly freezes, fork and spaghetti all suspended. It could have been taken in many spots across the northern hemisphere this week. Maybe it’s not that cold in this part of England, but covered in unusually thick snow, I’ve piled grain seed on an upside down dustbin lid for the birds and checked the fat balls are OK.

Such conditions test nature’s greatest survivors and unlike me when I used to climb icy peaks, they don’t have all the gear to keep them warm. Those that find a way to keep going until spring will pass on their good genes, enabling their species to continue better adapted.

You then wonder why Neanderthals didn’t continue, so perfectly had they survived over 300,000 years of freezing northern weather. We who have are puny savannah creatures who carry less fatty tissue and muscle. Though not at all used to the cold, we adapted somehow and did what we are best at - replacing another species in one way or another.

That’s why we’ve caused rising global temperatures - the 20 warmest years recorded were in the past 22 years. Brrr, I’d better put another log on the fire, something Neanderthals wouldn’t have worried about. That’s the trouble with fighting the G.W. phenomena, we each have our weaknesses.

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