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not all gloom

Christmas Eve and to lift our sprits after a rough time which has lasted months, we were on our way out, a small treat down the road to kick-start a Christmas spirit which has been hard to find. And what happens but the car breaks down. Another expensive bill and we can’t even ring the garage until the 5th of January.

At such times you have to dig deep, and remind yourself that life is a struggle and that it is worse for other poor sods. But that’s not easy. There are times when you just wish it would stop, you just want life to be kind for once.

We’ve felt like this for a few years and it started with a routine operation which nearly killed me, and kept trying several times over the next few months. Then a small stroke. Then illegally forced out of France after the Brexit vote, which lost us half our money. And since that, a year of decreasing health as we struggle with less money in our pockets.

Then you think of those who’ve lost everything over the far side of the world and you feel lucky. You have a roof over your head. You can eat a square meal tonight. There is wood for the fire in the shed. And the one you love is sitting across the room doing a crossword puzzle.

What could be better. There’s people alone this Christmas and feeling depressed about it. Very depressed. So here I sit tapping a keyboard and working out why I never get depressed despite what life keeps throwing at me, and it’s all above. Looking at what you’ve got is vital if you want to avoid the slippery slope of negative thinking.

Positive and kind people share one thing with the arrogant. They generally have better health and are happier (which the narcissistic often are). OK, I have lousy health but its not as bad as some people’s hence it is fine because I am a living with a happy person who sings in the shower. What better Mid Winter present can you want that that?

Have as great a time as you are able to this festive season, even if you are alone....

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