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Strange advice

Have you noticed any changes in the past week? You would have thought the world would be in panic-mode since Wednesday’s declaration by the UN that the window was closing for action against Global Warming.

It certainly hit my gut, even though on that specific day my health prospects were dire and I was struggling. Nobody is discussing it. People are continuing with their ordinary lives as if our future was bright and cheerful. OK, here in the UK we have a vague excuse because we are naturally obsessed by Brexit, which will soon dramatically change our country. And OK, the Christian world is gearing up for Christmas, a grand escape from reality which grips most.

Listen to political talk on the radio or TV and it’s all about economics, power, security, how we as a country, which ever country you are in, can make money from exploiting and protecting this market or that resource. Any voice which declares these strategies are wrong for the Planet, hence for us and all living creatures, is ignored.

Lemmings, that’s what we are. And we are rushing in blind idiocy towards doom. Yet we go ahead and buy that soporific gadget, thinking we are improving our lives and boosting the economy at the same time. Fools.

That’s the problem. We are buying our way to destruction.

Oh dear, will we ever face the reality? We have brains which have evolved over three million years to think about the future, yet in the past three decades we’ve become completely obsessed by the greedy present. Is there anyway back to where we once were? If there is, it has to be found quickly, for as the UN scientists state, time really is running out.

Well, perhaps there is.

It is quite simple, but it will work if enough of us do it. We have been hooked into buying because global powers have trapped us into assuming we need to in order to find happiness. Believe me, such happiness is illusory and brief.

Lasting happiness is found in this moment. In enjoying the simple things in life, such as relating to each other, such as appreciating the world around us, such as living lightly. Yes, living means existing outside of our smartphones and consumer visions. Living is relishing what we have without them. A friend who used to be World Chair of Greenpeace once said the best thing we can do to help The Planet is to do less.

Stop reading this and appreciate the NOW, noticing the light playing around you, the sounds drifting past, the air around you and gravity drawing on your body. To be aware of this fleeting moment is to be alive. No need to go shopping, happiness is inside.

Go on, save The Planet - BE with glee!

#happiness #thenow #mindfulness #globalwarmingaction

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