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There really is only one topic we should each be thinking about and reacting to, yet we wander about like lemmings at the edge of an abrupt drop. The cliff top isn't far away and we are heading towards it and people are telling us to be careful, yet we keep plodding on. With our gaze focused on our nose, life in general doesn't concern us. They have started to yell, warning that the cliff is crumbling, but we move on regardless.

To hear of such a scenario probably makes you laugh at the stupidity - surely those individuals must know they will soon be in real trouble, but on they trudge, clump, clump, clump. What idiots. Falling off that drop will spin them into eternity. Suicidal fools.

Tune in to one of the voices. It is loud and clear - "Climate Change could push Earth over the brink, to become like Venus with temperatures of 250 degrees and raining sulphuric acid."

You may laugh sarcastically, "What exaggeration! The Idiot!"

Stephen Hawking said these words not long before he died. The man was one of our greatest minds. Is it us who is the idiot. We tramp towards the edge, buying, buying, buying. We assume it is our right to keep buying. Buying is killing the planet we inhabit. Consumerism has gone bonkers. We are spending till we drop. And drop we will if nothing is done and done fast. Time really is short. We need to stop, think, act.

"That'll diminish my choices!"

Yup. But it'll help lessen the total disaster we are now faced with - Global Warming is far worse than not having the latest whatever it is we desire. Our desire was created by huge international companies whose only concern is profit, types who think it is worth devastating the Earth to get us to buy what they want us to buy so they can get richer.

The rapid economic whirlpool those business giants created has sucked us in, and in this whirl, we've lost sight of who we are. We think we are the being who is stuck to a smart phone, the character who can order what they want over the internet, the person who consumes supermarket junk. This dumb creature is the manakin they made and these things define the dance they made us dance.

We are far, far superior than all this. Once we step away from the whirlpool, we are amazing. We are OK. And when we are OK, so is the Planet. It is only because we are disturbed that the Planet is disrupted.

Capitalism is out of control. Only thirty years ago our beaches were virtually plastic free, the Arctic was still dense ice, much of what we bought was vaguely sustainable, yet even then we were being warned to watch out, being told that Global Warming was revving up.

Thirty years from now life, if we don't stop, will be much worse. Do we want this?

We, that means you and me, are in control. It is our money those super-rich folk are taking. It is our money which pays for this dramatic destruction.

Consumers are powerful. Stop. Think. Act by not buying so much, by doing less. Being more. Let The Earth be. Please....

Climate Change

#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #Consumerism #Greenpeace #environmentalaction #StephenHawking

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