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No posting this weekend, sorry.

Well, that’s a hard title to follow so how do I begin, especially on-the-hoof, as these blogs always are? Anyway, here goes....

We are inundated with data and every day it increases as we walk around connected to the entire planet. Last night, for example, we wondered why the French call crisps ‘chips’ and Google provided the answer. That’s what Americans call them, although they were invented in England and were quoted in a popular London recipient book in 1817 which later became popular in the USA. There we are, another bit of useless data to fill your over-stocked mind, so do you really need to read what I write?

That’s a bit of a downer for me because the last thing I want is for you to leave. Perhaps we ought to be more careful, discriminate a little as we graze the web. On that score, I was reading an article on attracting more people to one’s blogs.

First thing is to stick to one subject. On that I fail, these ramblings are purposefully random, intending to lead the reader into unexpected topics to have a mental adventure.

Secondly, splatter the text with images. Although I am an artist, I avoid this because I trust my readers to be above the trite.

Thirdly, scatter key words throughout the text so as to increase links to your website’s general themes. Hmm, that would bore the reader. Imagine words such as Camino, Mindful, Himalaya weighing down this text and my imagination.

I’ll stop there. You don’t want my advice on how to promote myself. That statement leads me to how narcissistic the web has become. It is all about me, me, me. This magical thing invented by an Englishman, who incidentally has gained not a penny from it, really ought to be more about reaching out towards each other, seeking ways to work as a united world towards solutions for the massive problems our selfish existences have created.

Dream on. We are humans after all. And off I must go. I will attempt to blog next week, perhaps Tuesday 28th in the evening. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend where ever you are in this astounding world.

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