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Aung more fakery?

Aung San Suu Kyi

Here’s a rare political post, forgive me, but I feel connected to this issue. At a Christmas fair tomorrow my wife and I will be selling Burmese silk cushion covers we bought from refugees. We’d been wandering through a fantastic market in northern Thailand, admiring the excellent craftwork being sold when we spotted them. Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself.

OK, here’s a radical proposal many of you might agree with. Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize should be revoked. Her silence condones the actions of her country’s army against the Rohingya Muslims, which amounts to genocide. Whole villages have been killed. Not just killed, husbands have watched Aung San Suu Kyi’s soldiers rape then slowly kill their wives, and that’s after they had both watched the soldiers kill their children.

Yet Aung San Suu Kyi says this is fake news. She ought to be shamed! but nobody dares to. Nobody dares to criticise this genocide either. We in Britain condone such acts because on this we are as silent as the Pope was. Why is everyone afraid to condemn these acts? (such things have been corroborated by reliable witnesses, see last Sunday’s UK papers).

I recall the tears flooding out when Suu Kyi was released. If the woman faced house arrest, missing out on her children’s development and her husband’s demise and death, why this? It makes you think she is totally concerned with her own power. That’s what we expect of politicians, but not of Nobel Peace Prize winners. What a shame.

But what can you and I do? The answers make a noise. OK, that’s my noise done with. Oh, you were pulled in to this tirade by cushion covers, do forgive me for almost forgetting. In that Thai market we noticed a stall with excellent quality cushion covers. They glowed in the way only top notch silk does, the stitching, the colours, everything about them was superb. Let it be said, I’m not a shopper. I was there because of the buzz.

We bought everything they had and as much as they could make of specific designs in the three days we had left in Chiangmai, once we discovered from others that these were Burmese refugees. The trouble was there was so much we had to buy two huge suitcases. The next step was to find the cheapest way of getting them all to England.... and tomorrow we’re off to sell what remains. And tonight we’re building a stall to show them off. Only fools and horses. And here’s a stall in the making!

#AungsanSuuKyi #Burmeserefugees #silk #genocide #fakenews #Thailand #Christmasmarket

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