I surprised myself by making a list of my main achievements as recognised by 'The World', something I’ve not done before. 


1967 - During the regional trails for The Meixco Olympics (1968), I was winning until I decided to stop ruining my life by continual training. That thought cost, I came third.

1973 - I am asked to take over London's most innovative spiritual centre, when I return from I meditating for months in the Himalayas with Dan Goleman and Ram Dass and attain great freedom.. 

1980 - After my viva with Oxford's Exam Board, one of my interrogators follows me outside and furtively hands me photo-copies of the nine papers I wrote during the intense week of exams. He whispers, "We always shred them, but these deserve being preserved." And with a quick smile, this stranger slipped out of my life. 

1989 - The Coconut Curriculum I wrote for an Indian Ocean atoll is praised by the international educational advisor employed to check my work.  

1991 - My Environmental Education paper gains accolade throughout Britain’s Education Authorities and Environmental charities.

        - in reaction, Devon and Avon Ed Auth. hire me as independent innovator, freelance writer and worker;

        - I set up Env Ed conferences, drawing people from across Britain, write a chapter for Plymouth University’s admired Env Ed book, write articles for teachers; 

         - I sit on two influential Env and one Ed think tanks;

1992 - My ecological paper 'Tiger Tourism' presented to the European Parliament. 

1994 - Using my paper Tiger Tourism as a blueprint, Il Ingwesi Lodge near Lewa Conservancy in Kenya, wins the coveted BA Eco Tourism award and is now copied world-wide as the standard approach to Eco-Tourism (basically - giving locals responsibility and profit).

1994 - My Devon Eco magazine for teachers is upheld as exemplary in Britain's Parliament.

1996 - An environmental essay I wrote wins a BBC international writing award.

2000 - My Story-Link series about environmental, cultural and geographical topics praised as a game-changer by The Times Ed Supplement.

2002 - BBC turn one of the S-L packs into a popular Schools Radio series, stories I wrote for the BBC are read out by world-famous actors.  


That I am unknown and that others gained respect and financial rewards from my ideas was due to my not being pushy, they were, but at least the ideas are doing good.