CORONA-SANITY TOOL KIT                                


This simple, powerful exercise is a combination of research based techniques used to help people cope with disasters such as tsunamis or war devastation. This is still a difficult period. Our mental health is in need of a boost. It is how we react to events which defines the quality of our daily existence. Each of us can make the most of this situation we find ourselves in, gain skills which will enhance each day and which will remain with us for years to come. 


If you are doubtful, discover how people cope with total lock-in by reading the books of people such as the Lebanon hostages, John McCarthy and Terry Waite.  

The exercise can be  a Corona Aid if you -

Breathe in fully.

Hold for count of 7-10 heartbeats.

Let out slowly for 7-10.

This helps strengthen the lungs and expand them, which should help if you are ever in trouble. Before these corona-days, it helped me cope, and now that I'm on the corona-at risk pile, it also helps my mental wellbeing....

Jealous of the extraordinary power Kenyan and Ethiopian runners have, sports scientists studied them and eventually discovered that we could gain by fooling our bodies that we were at altitude. Holding the breath for 10 heartbeats does this if you do so for several weeks.