Avoiding Amazon Publishing for obvious reasons, I've published with British Arts Council site Feedareads (tap to connect).




Over 200 walkers from around the world speak about the remarkable Camino traversing northern Spain. Some are humorous, others insightful, many are soul-searching and they are accompanied by the author’s brief commentary and over 100 of his drawings. Physically unable to accompany his wife on her 600-mile journey, Iain Dryden followed her in a beat-up van, sketching and  thoughts of the walkers. They increasingly asked him to publish his annotated sketchbooks; reluctantly, he did.  


Also available at Bo Camino shop, Santiago.


an adventurous but adventurous quest.





Follow the transformation of Ewan, a restrained and sceptical Englishman with a talent for drawing who flees from London to India after an accidental crime. Surviving unexpected adventures filled with dangers and surprising challenges, Ewan faces unpalatable truths about himself, his parents and his family's colonial past. Continually teased by the hope of love, he reluctantly enters a quest for meaning which shows him the value of relationships, and empathy.



Soon available (1st week of Feb - I'll link.)

Joyful Walking shows how to transmute an ordinary walk into something special. Simple techniques based on research foster an appreciation of your wondrous body-brain; this gentle process vitalises your walks, helps you enhance your life on many levels. The text is light and is enlivened by drawings from the author’s treks world-wide. 

'SETTLING' Mindful Doodling to Unwind.


Find contentment whilst having fun as you unwind, doodling with this cheerfully illustrated book. Master calming exercises which athletes and emergency workers turn to in times of stress. The informative text, based on scientific research into how the mind works, presents an array of impressive facts which inspire you to gain life skills such as mindfulness. Doodling itself has surprising benefits and could develop into an engaging lifetime activity.


I am thinking of creating an affordable online course related to Settling. Email me if interested.


The book contains a sketch of Notre Dame before the fire.    

There's 2 new books on the way, but publishers say I can only tell you about one...

Hmm! After years of gentle pressure, I've finally written my autobiography, which I'm editing now. There are so many 'incidents' worth recording that I've split it in two, ending the first volume at age 27. This will be published soon (delayed due to my being too ill, and now moving house to suit my health).


A summary of 'BUSH BOY'

Chuckle and sweat as you share an often embarrassingly candid voyage which begins in Kenya, my homeland, embraces Afghan bandits, rockstars in London, the corrupt, the genuine and a crowd of remarkable characters as I traipse the world. It is lucky I'm still alive, so crazy have my unintended adventures been and so many dangers have I survived. Did I learn anything along the way? Well, perhaps; a decade ago several respected writers suggested I write this autobiography and with as much self-honesty and self-amusement as possible, I begin with the noble warrior tribe who formed my character when I was a boy in the savanna.