Here's two images from galleries selling my current work.

png Joy 9.png
png Pleasure 2.png

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Here's what the respected abstract painter Boo Mallinson says:  


"Iain, your wonderful abstracts. Wow…the colours!  I think they’re fascinating and have an extraordinary energy to them - kind of contained yet expansive if that makes sense?  I particularly love Joy 5…that pink really is pure joy". 

'Happiness Series' - a taster....

'Happiness Series 37.png
'Happiness Series 36.png
'Happiness Series' 38.png
Happiness Series 35.png
'Happiness Series 34

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Here is a selection of 'cut-outs' from paintings I've done in the past (as are certain backgrounds on this site). 

Distraction 1.jpeg
Distraction 2.jpg

Historic - a look back - images taken through glass (in people's homes) with a poor phone camera.