'For Ukraine' - a limited edition print to help Red Cross Crisis Appeal -

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The internationally reputed CICA Museum, South Korea, have asked me to exhibit a work in October. Saatchi featured my work and my art has interested other galleries. 

          "Out of the Blue" 

                           (my current series)

limited edition museum quality prints (50x50cm) on delicious paper measuring 60x60cm from one of Europe's oldest paper mills :- 

turnaround within 7 working days


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Bien 3 

"Iain, your wonderful abstracts. Wow…the colours!  I think they’re fascinating and have an extraordinary energy to them - kind of contained yet expansive. They have such a well of creativity deep inside. Colours so intense and the paintings have a stillness, like little individual meditations."  

Boo Mallinson, the respected abstract painter. 

"I agree with her, your palette is extraordinary and has a wonderful calmness about it and I very much enjoyed looking at your work."

Bridget Sterling, Axle Arts (Gallery).

"Unique. Really. Never seen anything like them anywhere!"

Bill Grosh.  

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