Watching a python slip through the bush or sneaking upon chattering monkey clans, what better childhood? Aged 21, I was forced to quit my motherland because my parents hadn't registered me as a Kenyan citizen. Devastated, I travelled the world working boats, farms, factories and selling my artwork. In the Himalayas, a man taught me yoga; to my surprise I ended up running an internationally respected London meditation centre. Needing money, I set up a small art company, freely giving it to my workers when I became a teacher. Geography and mountain sports inspired me to lead school groups on adventures during my holidays and spare time. Bored of the rigidity, I eventually joined a charity and wrote a curriculum for a remote community encountering the modern world for the first time. A cocktail of tropical diseases rendered me permanently unable to work full time so I freelanced as an innovator for Education, sitting on 3 think-tanks, creating and editing a magazine upheld as exemplary in Parliament, running conferences, writing articles, courses and books, one of which was serialised by the BBC. With ever worsening health, I keep myself mentally alive with writing and paintings projects.

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