A timeless collection of over 200 walkers' voices, some humorous, others insightful, many soul searching, accompanied by 100+ drawings and brief commentary. Physically unable to walk the 500 mile journey across northern Spain with his wife, Iain Dryden followed in a beat-up van, sketching and recording the voices of people along the way. alkers kept asking him to publish his annotated sketchbooks, eluctantly, he did.  Camino Voices honours the remarkable achievement of individuals from around the world as they take on the ancient pilgrims' route, El Camino.

John Brierley, author of Camino guidebooks. "The skilful sketches and short pilgrim reveries that make up 'Camino Voices' are a delight in their entirety." 

Dick le Mair, composer 'Impressions of a Pilgrimage' "Started reading and feels like I can't stop, I love it! 

Patrick Early, author Machado, Spain's favourite poet. "The perfect little book on the subject."

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I'm working on THREE NEW BOOKS to be out soon :- 

The first, my novel 'Satya's Truths' (below) is being published. If you're interested in publishing without using amazon read this - http://www.iaindryden.com/blog/no2amazon

I'm still finalising the 2nd - a fun course based on scientific research & using mental techniques top athletes and special services personnel use to create a mindset which puts you firmly in control of your emotional and mental faculties. 

The 3rd is also done. It's an autobiography - Starting in Kenya, my rather mad life takes me half way across the globe and it's lucky I'm still alive, so many dangers have I survived. Look at my blog for a brief homage to Leonard Cohen whom I briefly knew. 

AVAILABLE  shortly (slightly delayed)  -    'SATYA's TRUTHS'

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"Set in the Indian Himalaya, a provoking novel, fast moving; a tale about a slow subject - a reluctant inner journey with a difference." Peter D.

Ewan, a young English artist, flees to India after an accidental crime. To retain his sanity, he aims to trace his family's colonial history with creating a series of paintings, however, unpredictable dangers, lust's confusions, love's muddles and death's haunting vacuum, transform him as he walks the Himalayas.