Faced with the choice of reading a book or watching a python slip through the bush, as a young boy I chose the bush. Sometimes, armed with my sketching journal, I braved chattering monkey clans. Aged 21, the government gave me 10 days to quit what I took as my motherland because my parents hadn't registered me as a Kenyan citizen. Devastated, I travelled the world working at anything and selling my artwork. Exploring the Himalayas with a tent, I met a man who taught me yoga and to my surprise, three years later I ended up in London running a respected yoga-meditation centre.

Needing money, I had set up a successful small art company in London, but when I decided to become a teacher I freely gave it to my workers. I taught geography and mountain sports, leading groups in my spare time on many an adventure. Frustrated at how infelxible state education systems are, I eventually went abroad to write a school curriculem for an NGO helping remote communities encountering the modern world for the first time. A cocktail of tropical diseases ended this challenging era. Permanently unable to work fulltime, I freelanced as a writer and innovator for Education. BBC Radio serialised one of my books. More recently, I decided to combine writing and drawing in a variety of books which will hopefully inspire the reader whislt stirring my own mind.

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